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Simple powerhouse without limits.

This luxury machine really knows no boundaries. It is robust, simple and at the same time refined in detail. The machine is a perfect combination of weight and innovation. He breaks all your boundaries.

With 15 degrees of BI leveling and flexible jib, no surface is a limit. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry on any load.

The strength of HYRAX

The HYRAX brings together the wishes of discerning users. The key? You bring the HYRAX to any location quickly. The HYRAX can take you to any position. Take a look and discover the well thought out HYRAX.


Working height:
Horizontal reach:
Travel height:
Platform capacity:
Platform rotation:
Continuous turntable rotation:
Driving speed (stowed):
Automatic bi-leveling:
13,2 m
10 m
13,2 m
330 kg
0 – 5,0 km/h
15° / 15°


Working height: 13,2 m
Horizontal reach: 10 m
Travel height: 13,2 m
Platform capacity: 330 kg
Platform rotation: 180°
Continuous turntable rotation: 360°
Driving speed (stowed): 0 – 4,0 km/h
Automatic bi-leveling: 15° / 15°


L x W x H:
Machine weight:
4650 x 2200 x 2290 mm
5000 kg


L x B x H: 4650 x 2200 x 2290 mm
Machine weight: 5000 kg

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