Pushing the limit

The aerial lift of the future.

Quality creates productivity.

Give your team a HYRAX and push the limits. The HYRAX, with its compact size, provides what in large is needed. The HYRAX reaches further than you think. Reaches higher than you expect. Is stronger than you can see. It’s the telescopic boom lift with the best performance. This is how you get the most out of a working day.

Behind your truck

Take your Hyrax (6,570 lbs) with you on a trailer.

Always level

Stay level thanks to the chassis with 15° automatic bi-leveling.

Basket capacity 595 lbs

Plenty of space for people and equipment.

Higher and further

Work higher, reach further. Get more done.

Ground breaking

Big but small.

Every day, your workers are giving their best. But are they? Give your crew a HYRAX and let them prove to you that they can do so much more. Watch them work faster and be more flexible than ever before with the intuitive HYRAX working at heights of up to 41 feet! Compact and lightweight, the HYRAX transports behind their work vehicle to any job site with ease. Big has never been so small.


Performance is not a luxury.

Good tools are at least half the battle – maybe more. The innovative technology and smart functions of the HYRAX aerial lift are not a luxury. On the contrary, it’s purely a matter of maximizing performance. Look at the HYRAX from each angle and you will realize the vision of our engineers; pushing the boundaries of performance will get you further. Every day. Every hour. Every job. That is profit.

An asset for any sector

For the professional

With a HYRAX you are more agile and faster. Regardless of the work you’re doing. It is the always a performing work tool for the professional. For working without concessions.




Rental companies

Installation companies




“The primary advantage for us is in their lightweight design, which creates easy transportation behind our pick-up trucks.”

– Steven Vanee, Wesco Rentals

Excelling worldwide

Wherever you are, the HYRAX comes to you. Inside and outside Europe. We serve the market with our dealers. Dealers who meet our high quality and service requirements.


The innovative telescopic boom lift

A HYRAX telescopic boom lift accomplishes what seems impossible. He fits on a trailer and at the same time he beats his peers on the job site. How is that possible? It’s a telescopic boom lift that is made on the basis of brilliant innovations and choices.

The telescopic boom lift, also called crawler boom lift, can be operated quickly, can make itself remarkably narrow and is equipped with a smart jib. The crawler lift also has toothed return wheels and an extending counterpart. So you are always stable and always productive with the HYRAX.

From design to assembly

Made in Holland.

The HYRAX Industries factory is located in the Netherlands (Europe). Here, we produce the mobile elevated platform in small series. It is the epicenter of engineering, production and service. And that’s ideal. Development and user experiences come together and are translated into product(ion) choices.

Also get more done?

Discover the benefits of the HYRAX MODEL 27.41