Looking for a Hitachi articulating boom lift 64b?

25 January 2024

Are you searching for a compact, narrow aerial lift that can drive at height? Then, the Hitachi 64b was probably the articulating boom lift you were looking for. This articulating boom lift is no longer in production or available, but the HYRAX 27.41 is a telescopic boom lift that matches and even outperforms the Hitachi in many aspects. In fact, the HYRAX 27.41 excels in various areas compared to the Hitachi.

In this article, we’d like to show you the features of both aerial lifts so you can get a good idea of their similarities and differences.

What made the Hitachi articulating boom lift 64b popular?

The reliable and powerful Hitachi articulating boom lift 64b was particularly popular in the construction industry. This articulating boom lift, which is no longer in production, gained popularity for the following reasons:

  • The Hitachi 64b is a compact crawler articulating boom lift that could be easily transported behind a truck.
  • The articulating boom lift has straightforward and comfortable controls.
  • With the articulating boom lift, you could reach heights of up to 27 feet.
  • The Hitachi 64b had a narrow chassis of just over 5 feet.
  • Thanks to the crawler undercarriage, the Hitachi 64b was suitable for use on rough terrain.
  • The articulating boom lift had a relatively low weight (5,500 lbs).

Why is the Hitachi articulating boom lift 64b no longer being produced?

The Hitachi articulating boom lift was developed by a Japanese company. This company also manufactured excavators alongside the Hitachi articulating boom lift. After the Fukushima disaster in Japan in 2011, the company shifted its focus entirely to the development and production of excavators and ceased the production of Hitachi articulating boom lifts.

The HYRAX telescopic boom lift 27.41

Before we compare the Hitachi 64b to the HYRAX 27.41 telescopic boom lift, we’d like to tell you more about the HYRAX 27.41.

Why did we develop the HYRAX 27.41?

We are experts in the aerial lift market. We know the lifts on the market and precisely what they can do. We also know the users of aerial lifts in various sectors and understand their needs. This combination led us to start brainstorming, developing, and realizing a telescopic boom lift in 2017 that genuinely makes a difference for users. A telescopic boom lift that allows you to deliver top performance, work comfortably, and push boundaries – the HYRAX 27.41.

HYRAX telescopic boom lifts do what seems impossible. They outperform all their counterparts on work sites thanks to the numerous innovations, discoveries, and choices made by the engineers. Curious about these innovations? Continue reading here.

What are the characteristics of the HYRAX 27.41?

The HYRAX 27.12 is available in three different versions: the ATD (diesel), the ATDe (electric plug-in diesel), and the ATE (fully electric). Of these, only the first is available in North America. All three versions have the following physical characteristics:

  • Working height: 41 feet
  • Reach: 28 feet
  • Machine weight: 6,000 lbs
  • Travel speed: 2.5 mph
  • Work platform capacity: 595 lbs

What can the HYRAX 27.41 do?

The HYRAX 27.41 boasts numerous innovative features, and here are three in particular that we’d like to highlight:

  1. Easy to transport due to its compact design.
  2. The HYRAX features automatic bi-leveling, allowing you to work level on slopes up to 15°.
  3. With a HYRAX telescopic boom lift, you can drive at height.

Want to know and see everything about the HYRAX telescopic boom lift? Request a free demo!

HYRAX hoogwerker 27.41 vs. Hitachi hoogwerker 64b

The HYRAX telescopic boom lift 27.12 is a true powerhouse compared to the Hitachi articulating boom lift 64b. With just 550 lbs more in weight, the HYRAX delivers better performance in almost every aspect. Take a look at the comparison table below.


Working height


Platform capacity
Width folded

Driving at height





Working on a slope

Fast driving


Load carriers


Work lights


Power in the work basket

Various drives

Hitachi 64b

28 ft / 41 ft

13.9 ft / 28.7 ft

330 lbs / 595 lbs

60.6 inches / 69.0 inches

Limited in driving at height,
up to 21 ft.

Slows down when operating multiple functions simultaneously.

Does not comply with current standards.

No, doesn’t maximize its capacity because the limits are set at the maximum reach. Values are limited to the safest capacity throughout its working range.

With more weight than allowed, the machine keeps working, calculating as if there were 330 lbs in the basket. This can create unsafe situations if not operated according to the manual.

Up to a slope of 5° (an alarm is triggered when the surface tilts further, the basket is not leveled).

1.2 mph

Not serviceable by the manufacturer.

No load carriers (often, a board is attached to the basket for transporting sheet material).





HYRAX 27.41

41 ft

29 ft

595 lbs

60.6 inches / 69.0 inches

Drivable at full working height, up to 41 ft

All functions are easily operated simultaneously.

Complies with ANSI A92.20 and CSA B354.7 (latest aerial lift standards).

Yes, Active LML.

With more weight than allowed, the HYRAX capacity is limited. This ensures that dangerous situations cannot arise. When not operated according to the manual, working remains safe thanks to HYRAX’s intelligent computer.

Up to a slope of 15° (automatic bi-leveling ensures the basket is automatically leveled).

2.5 mph

Serviceable by the manufacturer.

Integrated load carriers.

Flexible with a 180-degree jib, allowing you to reach over an edge, making hard-to-reach situations accessible.

On the work platform, under the work platform, and on the main frame

The HYRAX makes clever use of its weight with an extendable undercarriage, ensuring optimal performance.


ATD, ATDe en ATE full electric.

Experience the HYRAX telescopic boom lift for yourself

Of course, we can tell you how great the HYRAX telescopic boom lift is. But you’ll truly discover its performance and convenience when you feel and experience it for yourself. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with a personal demonstration. You are welcome at our factory, but we will also visit you on location. Please sign up below for a demonstration of the telescopic boom lift 27.41 at your location or ours.

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