The HYRAX electric telescopic boom lift

25 January 2024

Please note: currently only the diesel ATD version of the HYRAX telescopic boom lift is available in North America, the hybrid ATDe and fully electric ATE versions are not yet available outside of Europe. A HYRAX telescopic boom lift maximizes your workday. These are telescopic boom lifts with top-tier performance, enabling you to work faster and more agile than ever before. If you opt for a HYRAX telescopic boom lift, you have the choice of three different powertrains, which we’ll explain further in this article. We will then provide you with more information about the electrically powered telescopic boom lift that operates entirely on electric energy stored in lithium battery packs.

Electric telescopic boom lift vs. diesel telescopic boom lift

There are three different powertrains for HYRAX telescopic boom lifts: ATD, ATDe, and ATE.

The ATD telescopic boom lift is powered by a diesel engine.

The ATDe telescopic boom lift is powered by a diesel engine but also has a plug-in option, allowing you to operate fully electrically using grid power.

The ATE telescopic boom lift, also known as the electric telescopic boom lift, is entirely driven by an electric motor. This motor draws energy from lithium battery packs (similar to electric cars). This motor obtains energy from lithium battery packs (comparable to the electric car).

What is the difference in use?

The electric telescopic boom lift (ATE) has the same functionality and speed as the diesel telescopic boom lift (ATD). The ATDe telescopic boom lift may differ in functionality from the other two powertrains; when operating the ATDe telescopic boom lift on grid power, it moves more slowly than the electric and diesel versions because it operates at lower power.

HYRAX’s electric telescopic boom lift is more versatile than telescopic boom lifts with other powertrains. It is ideal for indoor use in buildings because there are no exhaust emissions during operation. Additionally, they are quieter, resulting in minimal to no noise disturbance.

What is the difference in consumption?

To operate your HYRAX telescopic boom lift, kinetic energy is required. The amount of kinetic energy required to operate is the same for both diesel and fully electric powertrains. However, there is a difference in costs between the two powertrains because the costs per kWh of kinetic energy differ.

We would like to illustrate the difference in energy costs between the telescopic boom lifts with a calculation example.

#1 Diesel

Diesel telescopic boom lift consumption:

  • 1 gallon of diesel = $4.25*
  • 1 gallon of diesel = approximately 33.7 kWh of energy
  • 33.7 kWh of energy = 13.48 kWh of kinetic energy (a diesel engine can convert about 40% of the energy it receives into kinetic energy)

Cost of kinetic energy:
13.48 kWh = $4.25*

#2 Electricity

Electrical telescopic boom lift consumption:

  • 1 kWh energy = $0.17*

  • 1 kWh of energy = 1.05 kWh of kinetic energy (an electric motor has an efficiency of about 95%, converting almost all electrical energy into kinetic energy)

Cost of kinetic energy:
13.48 kWh = $2.29*

*All amounts are based on the average rates in the United States of America of March 2023. If these rates change, the above example will also change.

Depending on the energy rates, electric kinetic energy might be more expensive than kinetic energy optained from a diesel engine. If you generate your own electricity, an electrical telescopic boom lift may be even more cost-effective in terms of energy costs.

The advantages and disadvantages of different powertrains

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of both the ATD and ATE telescopic boom lifts below.

The advantages and disadvantages of a diesel telescopic boom lift

Both diesel telescopic boom lifts and electric telescopic boom lifts have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want to use the telescopic boom lift for and what your requirements are, you can use these advantages and disadvantages to determine which type of telescopic boom lift is best for you.

Advantages of a diesel telescopic boom lift:

  • A diesel engine features robust technology.
  • Refueling is easy; diesel is readily available, and your tank can be filled within 1 minute.
  • A diesel-powered telescopic boom lift is generally more economical to purchase.
  • Unlike the electric HYRAX, the diesel telescopic boom lift is available in North America.

Disadvantages of a diesel telescopic boom lift:

  • A diesel engine emits exhaust gases.
  • A diesel engine generates relatively high noise levels.
  • There are restrictions on where you can use diesel-powered equipment due to emissions regulations and the like. Expect this legislation to become even stricter in the future.


The advantages and disadvantages of an electric telescopic boom lift

Advantages of an electric telescopic boom lift:

  • There are no exhaust emissions at the work location.
  • It creates no noise for users and the surrounding environment.
  • The above points allow you to work seamlessly in enclosed indoor spaces.
  • You are future-proof.
  • Electrical telescopic boom lifts might be eligible for subsidies and/or tax benefits.

Disadvantages of an electric telescopic boom lift:

  • Charging takes time.
  • Electricity can sometimes be challenging to obtain on a construction site.
  • Batteries deteriorate over time.
  • The electric HYRAX is not yet available in North America.

The electric HYRAX models

Various HYRAX models are available on the market. Each model has its own specifications and capabilities, and in Europe every model is available in an electric version. We’ll briefly introduce our models below.

1. The HYRAX 27.41 telescopic boom lift: a compact tracked telescopic boom lift that is easy to transport on your trailer. The machine weighs only from 6,000 lbs, and its foldable tracks make this HYRAX exceptionally compact.

The performance of this 27.41 is astonishing. You can easily carry 595 lbs in the work basket and reach a height of 41 ft. Interested in all the specifications? Request the specsheet.

2. 2. The HYRAX 50.43 aerial platform: a robust 5-tonner that knows no bounds. With an own mass from 10,100 lbs, this telescopic boom lift is unique in its class.

The specifications speak for themselves. You can carry up to 730 lbs in the work basket, work at heights of up to 43 ft, and have a lateral reach of up to 33 ft. Interested in all the specifications? Request the specsheet.

In the 50-series, we have two more models in development, namely the 50.45 and the 50.52. These models are built on the same chassis as the 50.43 but go even higher and farther than the 50.43 because they have a 3-part boom. The 50.45 can reach 45 ft in height and can carry a whopping 990 lbs in the work basket. The 50.52 goes all the way up to 52½ ft! These models will be available in the course of 2023 and can already be ordered!

Frequently asked questions about the electric telescopic boom lift

With a HYRAX, you can go higher and farther. The fully electric HYRAX delivers the same power as its diesel counterpart, leaving many amazed at how fast and smooth the fully electric HYRAX operates. Our engineers have paid close attention to the controls, ensuring they are fully proportional and, therefore, very smooth. The HYRAX features a smart 180° rotating jib, allowing you to reach any position with ease.

All HYRAX models (the 27.41 and the 50 series) are available as fully electric and plug-in variants. However these variants are not yet available in North America.

How does an electric (HYRAX) telescopic boom lift work?

Electric telescopic boom lifts are entirely powered by electrical energy, often stored in lithium battery packs. This is also how the HYRAX electric telescopic boom lift operates. Our telescopic boom lift contains lithium battery packs that you can charge via mains power, using both single-phase and three-phase connections.

Charging stores electric current in the battery packs. This current powers the HYRAX’s electric motor, which then drives the hydraulic pump. This pump pressurizes and circulates the oil, driving the cylinders and hydraulic motors to deliver optimal performance.

How long does a full battery last?

A fully charged electric HYRAX telescopic boom lift easily lasts a full working day, in most cases even two working days. The precise duration depends on the number of movements made with the HYRAX.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

At the end of your working day, connect the machine to the charger, and by the next morning, the battery is fully charged. Fully charging a standard battery pack at 230V takes 10 hours.

How powerful is an electric telescopic boom lift?

In terms of performance and power, an electric telescopic boom lift is on par with the diesel variant.

Curious about the features of our powerhouses? Explore the different models and request a free specsheet!

The HYRAX ATE in action

Hardeman Veenendaal designs, produces, realizes, and maintains complete business buildings. They use electric HYRAX telescopic boom lifts on the numerous projects where they are active. We spent a day with them, asking about their experiences.


Watch the video and discover the HYRAX ATE in action.

More about the HYRAX electric telescopic boom lift

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