The rough terrain telescopic boom lift: HYRAX

25 January 2024

A HYRAX telescopic boom lift pushes limits and keeps going, even when the terrain becomes less accessible. After all, in practice, construction sites (or other work environments) are not always flat, and often there is no paved surface. The HYRAX telescopic boom lift can operate perfectly in these conditions, as our lift is specially developed for rough terrain use.

A telescopic boom lift suitable for rough terrain can, of course, also operate on nice and flat terrain. The reverse is not true.

Good to know:

Thanks to the gray non-marking tracks, the HYRAX leaves no traces on a nice surface.

The features of a HYRAX telescopic boom lift for rough terrain

The HYRAX telescopic boom lift is developed for use on rough terrain. But, how do you notice that? We’ll show you through 7 features of the HYRAX.

Feature 1: movement on rubber tracks

There are telescopic boom lifts that move on tires, and there are aerial platforms that move on tracks. The HYRAX telescopic boom lift is equipped with rubber tracks (also called caterpillar tracks). This has the following advantages for working on rough terrain:

  • With tracks, you have a lot of grip on the ground.
  • The tracks ensure that you are very stable.
  • With the tracks, you have low ground pressure.
  • Tracks offer the user high maneuverability.
  • Compared to telescopic boom lifts with tires, you have less issues with track formation when using tracks.
  • As the operator of the telescopic boom lift, you experience fewer problems with holes and/or bumps.
HYRAX aerial platform rough terrain with rubber tracks

Feature 2: automatic leveling

Rough terrain is almost synonymous with uneven ground heights. These uneven ground heights can make work challenging and difficult, but not when you’re using a HYRAX telescopic boom lift.

HYRAX has developed automatic leveling for the telescopic boom lifts, also known as bi-leveling. This automatic leveling corrects a tilted undercarriage up to 15° tilt (see photo below). Working at different heights is, therefore, no problem at all because with a HYRAX, you keep going. Regardless of the ground.

The rough terrain telescopic boom lift

Feature 3: high ground clearance

When working with your telescopic boom lift on rough terrain, sufficient ground clearance (the space between the lowest point of the telescopic boom lift and the ground surface) is essential. That’s why you see more than enough ground clearance in HYRAX telescopic boom lifts.

  • Ground clearance HYRAX telescopic boom lift 27.41: 10.9 inches
  • Ground clearance HYRAX 5-ton telescopic boom lift: 13.8 inches

Feature 4: driving up a slope

Rough terrain can be characterized by slopes. With a HYRAX telescopic boom lift, you can easily drive up a slope of up to 45%.

HYRAX telescopic boom lift on rough terrain at an angle

Feature 5: low own weight

With a lighter telescopic boom lift, you automatically have less ground pressure and less track formation than with a heavier telescopic boom lift, allowing you to keep working. We have, of course, taken this into account in developing the HYRAX telescopic boom lifts.

  • Weight HYRAX telescopic boom lift 27.41: 6,000 lbs
  • Weight HYRAX telescopic boom lift 50.43: 10,700 lbs

Low own weight has many more advantages, such as transport on a trailer behind a truck or big rig and favorable energy consumption.

Feature 6: easy to clean

Working with a telescopic boom lift on rough terrain results in a lot of pollution on the lift. A HYRAX telescopic boom lift is designed and built so that you can clean it with a high-pressure cleaner after use. Convenient.

Feature 7: it can take a hit

A telescopic boom lift used on rough terrain must be able to take a hit. That’s why only high-quality materials are used for HYRAX telescopic boom lifts. Material that is suitable for rough work.

In short, with a telescopic boom lift from HYRAX, you always master rough terrain. Curious about all the features of the telescopic boom lifts? Request a spec sheet!

The test results of the HYRAX

The HYRAX telescopic boom lifts are extensively tested according to so-called product standards. These tests are carried out to ensure safety, no matter what the conditions are. One of the components is testing the telescopic boom lift when driving over obstacles, something that can frequently occur on rough terrain. During these (and our own) safety tests, the HYRAX has repeatedly proven that it remains stable, despite obstacles in the work area. Good to know!

All telescopic boom lifts must comply with North American legislation. The HYRAX telescopic boom lifts naturally comply with both American and Canadian legislation.

The HYRAX in action on rough terrain

The HYRAX is used by many users on rough terrain. Watch the images below.

Curious about more images of the HYRAX telescopic boom lifts in action? Check our delivery wall or LinkedIn page for more (pre)views.

Buying a telescopic boom lift for rough terrain? Choose a HYRAX!

With a HYRAX telescopic boom lift, you can handle any work terrain, no matter what it looks like. Are you looking for a telescopic boom lift for rough or uneven terrain? Choose a HYRAX! Choose a HYRAX!

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